What Our Clients Say about Us

The Geo. N. Mitchell Drilling Company respects the time, talent, and investment that our clients employ in the search for potential oil and other energy reservoirs.

Mitchell Drilling has nurtured enriching relationships over the years because we believe our drilling and servicing activities should generate benefits for our clients. We believe that our business performance should be measured in everything we do and that we should be held accountable, not only in the way we drill and complete a well, but also in the ethical way we do business.

Our desire to contribute to the success of our clients goes beyond providing drilling and completion services. We realize the importance of the “circle of life” by also participating in qualified production ventures in concert with our clients.

J. Roy Dee III
Dee Drilling Company
Mount Carmel, IL

What people may not know about Chris Mitchell, is the time he spends serving on oil and gas boards and organizations. As he worked his way up to president of the Illinois Oil & Gas Association (IOGA) and as a governor of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), I have watched Chris voluntarily contribute his time, energy, and enthusiasm.

I’ve also had the pleasure of being an original member with Chris on the Illinois Petroleum Resource Board (IPRB). He truly believes in giving back to an industry he loves.

One of the many reasons I enjoy doing business with the Geo. N. Mitchell Drilling Company is the pleasure of working with people who are excited and enthusiastic about their jobs...and this is a reflection of Chris’ leadership.

Jim Rode
President, Core Minerals
Evansville, IN

The Geo. N. Mitchell Company is responsible, honorable, and conscientious. You can always count on them!

Jim Brooker
Brookston Resources, Inc.
Newburgh, IN

Over the course of ten years, Mitchell Drilling has drilled 25 to 30 wells for Brookston Resources. Their core expertise of drilling conventional wells matches our company’s objectives to drill a cost efficient well in a safe and sound manner.

Mitchell’s toolpushers and their crews are experienced and conscientious. They are always available, and you can count on them. Mitchell Drilling is a good fit for our company.

Brookston Resources, Inc. principals Richard Kingston (left) and Jim Brooker hold the Wildcatter of the Year award that their company recently won as a result of successful crude oil exploration in the Illinois Basin. Photo courtesy of the Carmi Times.

Steve Lampley
President, Lampley Oil, Inc.
Benton, IL

Lampley Oil does a lot of drilling in areas of abandoned coal mines, which is very dangerous. Mitchell Drilling has the expertise, experience, and the well-control equipment, such as blow-out preventers to safely drill these coal mining areas. This gives us peace of mind. Also they have several well managed rigs, and if rigs are in short supply, they can often get to a lease when there might be a lease expiration problem.

These guys have been in business for a long time. Mitchell’s tool pushers are top-notch professionals and work well in coordination with our personnel as well as other service companies, which saves money. Their crews are dependable, and they know what they’re doing. Chris Mitchell is a great guy and is very knowledgeable about questions we might have.

We look forward to working with these guys in the future.

Mike Cash
Retired, Past President & Co-owner, Coy Oil
Mt. Vernon, IN

Coy Oil and Mitchell Drilling have a long history. The founder of Coy Oil in 1946, Walter F. Sill, and Chris’ grandfather Thomas A. Mitchell, began doing business together in the 1950s. Our company depends on Mitchell Drilling. They’re good people; high-class professionals with good people working for them. We rely on Carl Julian and their Toolpushers.

Brad Richards
Springfield, IL

As a past President of the Illinois Oil & Gas Association and the current Chairman of the Illinois Petroleum Resources Board, Chris Mitchell has probably worked as hard for the common good of our industry as anyone in the Illinois Basin. I'm always amazed by people like Chris who are willing to devote so much of their time to serve the interests of everyone in the industry, clients and competitors alike.

Marshall E. "Buz" Daniel
Mt. Vernon, IL

Communication is the most critical aspect of drilling a well. When I work with Mitchell Drilling, I get a call the first thing each morning, every day, with the information I need to plan my next step with sufficient lead time. I trust the people on Mitchell's drilling rigs to drill the hole properly. I know they will drill a straight hole, and production casing will be run with the utmost care.

The people at Mitchell Drilling are conscientious. They care about doing the job right.

Don Williams
Vice President/Petroleum Engineer
Shakespeare Oil
Salem IL

Shakespeare Oil has employed Mitchell Drilling's rotary rigs and spudders for almost 30 years. They're cost effective and cost competitive. Mitchell has good crews, good equipment, and experienced and knowledgeable supervisory personnel. They 'bend over backwards' to meet our needs.

Lelan Russel
Retired Executive Vice President, IOGA

Chris Mitchell is one of the hardest working guys I know and it reflects throughout his company.

Jerry Robertson
Vintage Resources
Austin, TX

Since 1980 we have worked almost exclusively with Mitchell Drilling utilizing their drilling and completion rigs in the Illinois Basin. The quality of their Service – and by that I mean their equipment and personnel – their honesty and integrity – and their professionalism are the primary business reasons we use Mitchell Drilling. Mitchell's people always provide timely and complete reports and documentation.

George DeMier
DeMier Oil
Mt. Vernon, IL & Tulsa, OK

We worked with Mitchell Drilling on an extensive Coal Mine Methane drilling project and have taken working interest in drilling prospects with them. Both require a great deal of trust. Their word is their bond. I use them for drilling because I know they’ll take care of business. They accept responsibility. Drilling problems do arise occasionally, and they’ll step up to the plate and make it right. They’re knowledgeable, have good equipment; they know what they’re doing. I have total confidence in Mitchell Drilling.

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