Mitchell Rotary Rig #21

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Elmer Weccele
Rig Manager
Jerry McDowell
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Mitchell Rotary Rig #21 is the newest and most advanced rig in the Illinois Basin. It has depth capabilities of up to 12,500 feet (3.81 km) total vertical depth (TVD) and full horizontal and directional capabilities.

Rig #21 has a 17 foot (5.2 m) Kelly Bushing Height (KB) and is outfitted with an 800 Bbl steel pit system that is equipped with dual shaker technology as well as 1,000 GPM mud cleaning capabilities. This rig can be outfitted with up to two 1,005 hp triplex pumps with 5,000# fluid ends. Rig #21 has handling equipment for slim hole and regular hole drill strings. It is outfitted with a full stack blowout preventer (BOP) and can also utilize a rotating head if requested.

Carbon Capture Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery (CCS-EOR)

In an effort to make oil and gas production (as well as other industries) carbon-negative , the demand for deeper drilling technology is on the rise to pump and store carbon dioxide (CO2) below ground. This technology is called Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS).

Carbon dioxide gas can also be injected into aging oil fields to boost production - a procedure known as enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Crude absorbs CO2 which makes the oil less viscous helping it to flow more easily. Additionally, approximately 50% of carbon may remain trapped in an oil formation which can provide a storage opportunity to isolate CO2 from coal-fired power plants and other industrial factories.

Mitchell Rotary Rig #21 has the capability to drill the depths required Carbon Capture Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery (CCS-EOR) technologies.

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Mitchell Drilling - Rig Schematic
Depth Range:
13,000 feet (4 km)
Crown 'Duke' 750. P/b MTU 12V2000 - 900 HP
PJ 105-400; 400,000# SHL SN #04112013
PJ Model 4.8-12-700; SN #05142013
Primary Pump:
MK PZ-9 Triplex Pump P/b MTU 12V2000 @1005 HP
Standby Pump:
OPI-700 HDL Triplex Pump P/b 14.0 L 60 series Detroit Deisel @ 600 HP
John Deere 400D - 400 kW
Backup - Detroit - 200kW
Mud System:
800 Bbl Working Capacity w/Vortex Fluid Systems Dual Shale Shaker
and Mud Cleaner; 95 Bbl Pill Pit
Blowout Preventers
& Accumulators:
Annular 13" Hydril(3000#) Preventor & Cameron SS Double Ram(3000#)
w/ 80 gal 4 Station CU
Rotary Table:
National Copy 20-1/2"
Block & Hook:
Gardner-Denver 200 Ton - Combination Block & Hook
Gardner-Denver 200 Ton w/ Foster-77 Kelly Spinner
Top Drive:
Not included with rig, capable of accommodating Tesco 250 HXI Top Drive
4-1/2" x 40' - square
Drill Pipe:
8,000' x 4-1/2" X-Hole, Grade E 16.60# (extra pipe available if needed)
Drill Collars:
(10) - 6-1/4" x 31' X-Hole