Sharing the Risk

Project collaborations provide hedging for downturns by minimizing costs and risks while creating new revenue streams.

Dependency upon the revenue stream of routine business activities is comforting when times are good. But when times are not so good, it may be prudent to have participated in other ventures to hedge downturns. In an effort to supplement traditional revenue streams, Mitchell Drilling is open to participating in projects that meet mutual objectives and sound risk/reward criteria.

Ventures such as disposal wells for coal mines, carbon capture sequestration, and factories, drilling deeper reservoirs in and beyond the Illinois Basin, and enhanced oil recovery projects are some of the few collaborations that may present cost-effective and profitable opportunities.

At Mitchell Drilling, we understand the risks inherent in exploration as well. Our reputation for providing efficient, reliable, advanced, and safe drilling practices has encouraged many of our clients to explore capital collaboration relationships with us. These alliances prove beneficial by lowering and spreading service costs to increase the return on the investment. Our goal is to assist in the growth of our shared partnerships by expanding revenue sources and by sharing the risk with experienced and reputable producers. Contact Chris Mitchell to determine if your project meets our risk tolerance and capital investment criteria.

To discuss a collaborative venture, contact Chris Mitchell.