Illinois Basin

Oil Rich Opportunities

Although the Illinois Basin is a relatively mature reservoir, abundant opportunities exist for primary and enhanced recovery methods such as hydraulic facturing, horizontal drilling, seismic mapping, and water conservation and protection.

The Illinois Basin covers 59,000 square miles in the Tri-state area of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. It contains coveted high gravity, low sulfur oil.

The average pay zones range from 1,000 feet to approximately 5,000 feet deep with an average depth of 3,000 feet. Deeper zones such as the St. Louis, Salem, Warsaw, and Devonian are showing extensive promise. Although secondary recovery or pressure maintenance has nearly tripled the amount of recoverable oil in the Illinois Basin, horizontal drilling in old reservoirs has added even more recovery. Estimates calculate that nearly two-thirds of the petroleum reservoirs still remain below the surface.

Mitchell Drilling is strategically located in the Illinois Basin. Mitchell Drilling reaches 95% of the drilling activity occurring in the Illinois Basin because of our central location in Carmi, Illinois.

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